Doon valley Institute of education was established in August 2004, with 100 seats and in the year 2006 the intake of seats was increased to 300.

St. Kabir said, “Teacher and god both are standing before me, whom should I pay obeisance. I bow to you, my teacher, who guides me to god “. Teacher is given the highest place in the society. As is the teacher, so is the student. It is very challenging job. Dare not to enter it, unless you love it. In the word of Tagore,” a teacher can never truly teach, unless he is still learning himself,”. Keeping all these facts in mind, Doon valley institutes of education has been set up as an institutes of teacher education to meet the academic, global and professional needs of 21st century. Our ultimate aim is to groom and nurture tomorrow’s nation builders.

The institute has the credit of being approved and recognized by NCTE, Jaipur and KUK with ‘A’ grade and accredited ‘B’ grade by NAAC in 2011. Hopefully, as usual we would get all success in this session also.


To be an institute with excellence in academics and value based education for holistics development of our pupil-teachers.

Objective of the institutes

* To produce professionally competent teachers.
* To make the course professional and practical.
* To effectively integrate the different units of knowledge and corresponding training essential for future teachers.
* To develop positive and professional attitude in trainee-teachers towards teaching.
* To equip trainee-teachers with the much needed skills in the age of globalization for guiding future teachers.
* To bring overall personality development of the trainee-teachers.
* To inculcate and foster in the trainee-teachers a sense of discipline, moral values and thirst for knowledge.
* To provide skills involved in effective teaching.
* To provide basic knowledge in the use of information and communication technology in education.

College Profile

Doon Valley Institute of Education strives to impart quality teacher education to cause the holistic development. We focus our attention in a manner that our students should study something not only to make their livehood better but in a manner that they should be highly humanistic and disciplined in all spheres of life. Fabulous opportunities are provided to students to re-orient themselves in a totally different and constructive style. The aim of our institute is to prepare competent and able teachers who are the source of change and modernization, constantly on the alert for new ideas. Education and educating the youth is the mantra of our esteemed institute. Keeping this mantra in mind,we aim at strengthening the knowledge of pupil-teacher by education them, inculcating self-confidence and making them morally, mentally and vocationally strong and independent thinkers.

Core Faculty

Principal : Dr.S.S.Sehrawat - B.Com, B.Ed, M.Com, M.Ed, M.Phil, Ph.D(Edu)


1. Ms.Saroj-B.A, B.Ed, M.Ed, M.A(Political Science, History, Sociology) M.Phil(Pol Sci, Education Sociology), Ph.D(Pol Science), Ph.D(Education)Pursuing
2. Ms.Rajni -B.Com, B.Ed, M.Ed, M.A(Ecom.), M.Phil(Edu), M.A(Psychology)
3. Ms.Savita- B.A, B.Ed, M.Ed, M.A(Eng), M.Phil(Edu.), Ph.D(Edu)
4. Ms.Santosh- B.Com, B.Ed, M.Com, M.Ed, M.Phil(Edu.), NET(Edu), M.A(Psychology)
5. Ms.Meenakshi- B.A, B.Ed, M.A(Eng), M.A(Edu.), M.Phil(Edu.), NET(Edu.)
6. Ms.Ritu-B.A, B.Ed, M.A(EDU), M.A(Eng), M.Phil(Edu), Ph.D(Edu)
7. Ms.Sunita-B.A, B.Ed,M.A(EDU), M.A(Hindi), M.Phil(Edu), Ph.D, NET(Edu)
8. Ms.Pushpa-B.A, B.Ed, M.A(History), M.A(Edu), M.Phil(Edu), M.Phil(History), UGC NET in June 2014
9. Ms.Reeta-B.A(Hons.), B.Ed, M.A(Hindi), M.A(Edu), M.A(Pol Sci), M.Ed, Ph.d(Edu)


Mr. Inder Mohan
Mr. Saurabh Kumar Bansal
Mr. Gulshan
Mr. G.S. Gill


Mrs. Nisha Sabharwal- Computer Lab Assistant
Mr. Jogender Singh –Instructor In Fine Arts
Mr. Surender Singh-Instructor In Physical Education
Mr. Rajeev Kumar Gaba-Libraian
Mrs. Ritu Chawla-Asstt. Libraian
Mr. Rajeev Sharma Technical Assistant
Mr. Sohan Lal Singla-Attendant
Mr. Monti
Mr. Vinod

Here is the list of BEd. Students of 2015 Batch.